Ft McKavett Calendar of Events


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You MUST RSVP to be able to participate in after hour activites

January 12: Ration MakMarch 22-23: All Work and No Play?

Open to Public: Saturday March 23, 10am-4pm

Join us as we spend the day unraveling from all the hard duties soldiers performed during their service on the Texas frontier.  Sing and hum along with musicians as they sing historic songs and play period instruments.  Enter the gambling hall and let the hole in your pocket expand under the supervision of William B. “Bat” Masterson.  Reenactors are encouraged to stay on site and let the good times continue into the evening.  Please RSVP no later than March 1 to Kevin.Malcolm@thc.texas.gov

April 12-14: Volunteer and Docent Training

This is NOT a public Program.  I’m not sure if it should be advertised on the website or what.  This should be included in the newsletter, however.

In preparation for new educational programs at Fort McKavett, Site Staff is hosting a two-day workshop to teach new and veteran reenactors and site volunteers about new programs, delivery methods, site-specific impressions, site operations, and more highly useful information.  Our family of volunteers in second to none in enthusiasm for Fort McKavett and with our new direction, we want to bring them all up to speed on what we are looking to do in the future.  This training is not limited to reenactors and living historians.  Site hosts and other volunteers are welcome to attend as well.  Accommodations are available on a first-come first-serve basis as in past events such as West Texas Heritage Days.  We highly encourage any Fort McKavett living historian, reenactor, site host, and volunteer to attend this very important step into the future of Fort McKavett SHS.  Please RSVP no later than March 15 to Kevin.Malcolm@thc.texas.gov.


May 3-4: West Texas Heritage Days

Open to Public: Friday & Saturday, 8am-5pm

Fort McKavett State Historic Site will come to life on May 4th $ 5th, 2018, as Living Historians from around the state gather to portray life as it would have been at the fort in the 1800s. Throughout the day, activities will include military drills, Native Indian demonstrations, Buffalo Soldiers, Buffalo Hunters, Chuck Wagon demonstrations, the Texas Camel Corps, the Texas Longhorn herd, a one-room schoolhouse lesson, frontier woodworking, weavers, seamstresses and much more. There will be infantry and artillery firing demonstrations periodically throughout the day with 6 or more cannons all firing together! The Ice House Brass Band will perform during a barbeque lunch offered to the public by the Friends of Fort McKavett. Donations to help defray the cost of the food will be appreciated. The Sahawe Indian Dancers, members of Boy Scout Troop and Venture 181 from Uvalde, will present a colorful and fast moving variety of Native American dances will perform at 2:00 p.m.


June 8: Tradesmen and Craftswomen

Open to Public: Saturday June 8, 10am-3pm

Come out to the Fort and meet with various historic tradesmen (and women) as they show off their skills in their various crafts. From blacksmithing and tailoring to photography and carpentry, many historic trades will be featured, displaying the life of craftsmen before factories made them obsolete. After you visit the fort, be sure to swing down the Ft. McKavett Volunteer Fire Department to support their efforts in their annual barbecue cook-off!

July 19-20: Tailor’s Shop at Fort McKavett

Open to Public: Saturday July 20, 10am-3pm

Come out and join us as living historians and reenactors demonstrate methods of tailoring from the 19th Century. See many things from shirts to pants to uniforms be created or practice your stitches!  For materials lists and additional information, please RSVP no later than July 1 to Kevin.Malcolm@thc.texas.gov. 












Other events listed are attended and supported by Fort McKavett Volunteers and/or staff.
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