Ft McKavett Calendar of Events


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Fort Stockton Living History Days ( Historic Fort Stockton)

Friday, October 20, 2017  Education Day for local schools

Saturday, October 21, 2017  Open to the Public


October 21

Annual Fall Star Party & Archeology Day

Join us for a day and night of exploration as we spend the day looking at artifacts found at Fort McKavett during the archaeological digs done since the 1970’s. See the amazing finds of stones, glassware, metal buttons and fragments, and much more. Stay with us or come back after dusk and gaze upon the heavens with the Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society as they use their high-powered...

November 2017

November 10

Winfield Scott's School of the Soldier & Veterans Day Parade

Company H of the 8th US Infantry will be assembling at Fort McKavett on Friday, November 10 for a School of the Soldier. Here we will be teaching (or refreshing!) the soldiers marching skills and preparing for our participation in the Annual Veterans Day Parade in Menard, Texas. Come out on Friday to see how the soldiers would move across the various battlefields of Mexico and Western Texas....

December 2017

Christmas at Old Fort Concho

December 1-3, Friday-Sunday. Education Day Friday


December 9

Tailor's Shop ca. 1865

This program is geared toward our reenactors who are participating in “The Army Returns: Reoccupying Fort McKavett”, our major reenactment event for 2018. This workshop will focus on getting reenactors equipped with the necessary clothing for both 35th Infantry and 4th Cavalry (ca. 1868) impressions.  Items that we will be making consist of Civil War four button sack coats, 1861 sky blue...

January 2018

January 13

The Officer's Mess: Refined Foodways at Fort McKavett

We are very excited to announce that we are reopening one of our historic Officer’s kitchens! We will be occupying and operating the kitchen in the rear of Officer’s Quarters No. 4 to create historic dishes that would have been enjoyed by the officer’s and their families. Historically, Officers ate better than the men they commanded because they could afford to purchase their own food. However...

February 2018

February 3

The Saddler's Shop at Fort McKavett

For members of Co. H, 8th US Infantry, this is an opportunity to work on your various accoutrement kits in preparation for upcoming events. Expert Site Staff will be available to guide you through difficult portions or just help you get started. For visitors, come see how the leather accoutrements of the Antebellum Era were made and cared for. In the time before plastic and metal containers,...

April 2018

April 7

Soldiers to Shearers: The Sheep and Goat Industry at Fort McKavett

After the Army departed Menard County, local residents moved into the old buildings and created a town from the former army post. For decades after, the primary industry revolved around sheep and goat raising. For a time, Menard, Kimble, and surrounding counties were one of the foremost producers of wool and mohair in the United States. This program will feature the earliest days of Fort...

May 2018

May 4

West Texas Heritage Days 2018

Fort McKavett State Historic Site will come to life on May 4 and 5, 2018, as Living Historians from around the state gather to portray life as it would have been at the fort in the 1800s. Throughout the day, activities will include military drills, Native Indian demonstrations, Buffalo Soldiers, Buffalo Hunters, Chuck Wagon demonstrations, the Texas Camel Corps, the Texas Longhorn herd, a one-...

June 2018

June 9

Skilled Hands are Never Idle: Trades at Fort McKavett

Come out to the Fort and meet with various historic tradesmen (and women) as they show off their skills in their various crafts. From blacksmithing and tailoring to photography and carpentry, many historic trades will be featured, displaying the life of craftsmen before factories made them obsolete. After you visit the fort, be sure to swing down to the Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire Department...

June 21

Tailor's Shop ca. 1872

In preparation for “Connecting the Forts: Greely’s Mission” we will be hosting another workshop that focuses on preparing members of Company I, 10th US Infantry for this immersion event slated for November 2018. This event will focus on making the pleated 1872 blouse and the 1872 kepi. The 1872 blouse is a unique garment that will require experienced site staff to assist participants in its...













Other events listed are attended and supported by Fort McKavett Volunteers and/or staff.
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