Request for Collections Access

A minimum of three weeks advance notice is required before gaining access to the Fort McKavett Research Library.  Access is subject to staff availability.  Please print out and complete this form then mail it to:

Fort McKavett State Historic Site
P.O. Box 68
Fort McKavett, Texas 76841

Attn: Site Curator

Date: _________________
Name/Organization: ___________________________________________________________
Address/Phone/FAX/Email ______________________________________________________

Reason for Access

Publication [ ]
Academic Paper [ ]
Identification/comparison [ ]
Commercial Venture [ ]
Other [ ] Please Explain: ___________________________________________________________

Please offer three different dates when you would like to conduct your research at the Fort McKavett Research Library, keeping in mind that the fort is open to the public daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The fort is closed on major holidays.

Date 1 ___________________   Date 2 _______________   Date 3 ________________

I agree to exercise due care in handling any object(s) in the Fort McKavett Research Library and assume full responsibility for any damage, accidental, or otherwise that may result from my use of material.  I agree to abide by all Fort McKavett State Historic Site policies and rules.

Requestor's Signature: __________________________________________  Date: ______________

For Staff Use Only

Date Received: ______________________
Access Approved: [ ]
Access Denied: [ ]
Type of Access Granted: ____________________________________________________________
Conditions or Restrictions: ___________________________________________________________

Curator Signature: _________________________________________________________________