Fort McKavett Post Library and Research Center

The Fort McKavett Post Library and Research Center is located in the Col. Richard R McTaggart wing of the Hospital building of Fort McKavett State Historic Site.  The library houses a large assortment of books on West Texas Military History and computer based National Archives documents pertaining to Fort McKavett and other West  Texas military installations.  The computer based documents are in Adobe's PDF format.  Materials found in the library have been provided in part by the Friends of Fort McKavett.

The library is open by appointment only to researchers and students after the submittal of a Request for Collections Access form.

Access Procedure

All materials and records contained in the Fort McKavett Post Library and Research Center shall be made available for legitimate study, research, inquiry, and examination by responsible parties.  Those parties who request access to any artifact within the collection must complete the following steps:

1.      Requesting party must complete the Request for Collections Access form. 

2.      Request for access to museum collections shall be approved by the Curator. 

3.      Examination of collections shall be restricted to areas designated for this purpose; access to storage areas by the public or unauthorized staff will not be allowed unless specifically approved by the Site Manager within established security policy and procedures governing authorized access.

Parties who are granted access to the collection are restricted by the following policies: 

1.      Commercial promotional use of artifact collections, and information or images resulting from their examination shall not be allowed, unless approval in writing is granted by the THC. 

2.      Accessibility of collections and records may be limited by staff availability, conservation considerations, fragility of collections, and exhibit requirements. 

3.      Certain types of information, such as donor stipulated closed files, documents provided by donors that request anonymity, or information governed by statutes that restrict public access to certain types of information, may be restricted or denied for security reasons.  In such cases the person requesting access shall be informed of the reason for the restriction or denial of access. 

4.      In the event that a visitor is unable to come to the museum to perform his/her own research, the patron may request that museum staff complete the research for them.  Fort staff will carry out research requests under the condition that the research falls inside the mission or purpose of the Fort.  The first half hour of research is free.  If the research has not been fully completed in the first half hour, the museum staff member conducting the research will inform the requester and determine if they would like further research completed.  The museum will charge an hourly rate of $20 for research requests.  Due to staff and time constraints, the staff will spend no more than four hours working on any research request. 

Photo Reproductions

Photographic images in the Fort's permanent collection are the property of the THC.  Copies of historic photographs are available for reproduction to the general public.  Photo reproductions are limited by the following conditions:

1.      A proposal of intended use must be submitted in writing, signed by the user and approved by the Site Manager before photo reproductions will be released to the user. 

2.      Photographs must be credited to Fort McKavett State Historic Site/THC in any public or private showing.  The credit line must read, “Courtesy of Fort McKavett State Historic Site".

3.      Photographs cannot be mass produced without prior written approval.  If an image of an artifact from the collections of the Fort McKavett  is to be used for commercial purposes by another organization the final product must be approved by the staff at the Fort prior to production. 

4.      The Fort reserves the right to limit the number of photographic copies made, make special fee quotations for unusual copy work requests, and assess a higher fee for copies of graphic objects intended for single mass production or commercial display. 

5.      Clearance of copyright is always the responsibility of the person wishing to publish or display materials.  Patrons are responsible for securing permission to reproduce materials either from the Fort or from other copyright holders and for complying with copyright laws. 
6.      The Fort is able to produce high resolution scans of historic photographs for requesters.  These can either be printed in sizes no larger than 8” x 10” or burned onto a CD.  Photo duplication decisions are made on a case by case basis by the Fort's Curator.  Some photos cannot be scanned or reproduced due to the condition or other restrictions.  Patrons must pay the required fees in advance for all photo reproduction orders. 

Fee Schedule:
Reproduction Fees
            1.      Digital images:  high resolution scans are available.  The fee is $20 per scan and $3.00 for the CD.  We do not email scanned images. 
            2.      Prints:  The Fort is able to print high quality photographs up to size 8x10”.  The cost is $25.00 per printed image.