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Friends of Fort McKavett

Your 2019 Friends of Fort McKavett Board of Directors
Timothy Phillips is president, Lisa Lester treasurer, Marilyn Wheelis VP and Stella Gonzalez is secretary. At large positions: Donna Hector, Timothy McTaggart, Edgar Garza, Beverly Malcolm, Mike Jordan, Douglas Dukes, and Jack Dugan.

A message from Tim Phillips, President of the Friends of Fort McKavett:

Greetings Friends of the Fort. At our last board meeting the leadership team reshuffled its membership and, when the dust settled, the presidency was handed to me. So, first off, many thanks to Lisa Lester for all her service leading the board. 
Now, for the road ahead. To begin with, I hope to streamline our business meetings and make them more efficient. I also would like to try to make our treasurer reports a bit more detailed. I also hope we can take a look into what grants are out there than we can try to win in order to further enhance Ft McKavett.
Now, hereís a thought for those times when we wonder if all the effort is worth it. While in Idaho a couple of years back, I had the opportunity to examine historic sites along the Oregon Trail. Late in the game, I read of an Indian massacre site that looked like a must-see, complete with graves; until I read in the next line where the owner of the place plowed the whole mess under in order to plant alfalfa. The last traces of real pioneers obliterated for the sake of hay. Thatís where we come in. Groups like ours speak for those that no longer have voices.


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